Windows 10 Setup Final Bangla Tutorial Full

windows 10 setup bangla tutorial Steps should be followed when setting up Windows TEN 01 first step to connect your computer to a USB or a DVD 02 Do the restart the computer (your boot manager will not come to the computer)

If you want to do a Google search, enter the boot manager. 03 Then do whatever

you want to do, enter Sylhet with your DVD or Use Bd 04 Select any language you want and click next 05 Click

the install button Now click on the button 06 windows 10 Click on this button 07 i accept license agreement Click here to go to next 08 Custom instal Click here to remove the CD drive

After the form uninstall 100, restart the computer, wait until it is enough 11

Then click on something actually ok 12 Click here to knit next to your language and click on next 13 Now you have to

give the name of any one user grade in any name in the cup From here to the next 14 you can use any password if you want to think about it

Keep in mind that if you want to open the computer, you will have to use the leg lick. 15 After the program that comes, click on the hide hide button button. If not,

then after 16, the program is just clicked on the exit button. 17 last step Your computer will be open if the video is good If you have a

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