Windows 10 Install Full Step by Step (Tutorial Bangla)

Windows 10 Install Full Step by Step (Tutorial Bangla) [/vc_column_text]

How are you all today? We will see how to setup Windows 7 ter all any windows you can set up very easily and if you see your windows so now you will learn seven karara but how to set up your own windows is usually given a video on the video. You can set up Windows and you can all in all

Windows 10 Install Full Step by Step (Tutorial Bangla)


Windows 10 Install Full Step by Step (Tutorial Bangla)

Below are the steps to follow when setting up Windows TEN

✅ 01 The first step is to connect a USB or a DVD to your computer

✅ 02 Do the job to restart the computer (if you can not get the computer with your boot

manager Google search by entering the boot manager)
✅ 03 Then do the work that you want to insert Sylhet with your DVD or Use B. So now next

✅ 04 Select any of your languages and click next

✅ 05 install now Click the button

✅ 06 windows 10 but Click on the button

✅ 07 i accept Click here with license agreement, then next

✅ 08 Custom instal click here

✅ 09 Next to CD drive delete or format

✅ 10 install 100 After that, wait for the computer to reboot

✅ 11 Then click on something actually ok | like this page and video

✅ 12 From here, click on your language and click next in that case

✅ 13 Now you have to give the name of any one user grade name in the cup next more

✅ 14 Remember that you can use any password you want to use when you open the computer more

✅ 15 After that the program will come, click the hide hide yes button if not understood| like in that case

✅ 16 Then the program is just click on the exit button more

✅ 17 last step Your computer It will be open more

so now for a start

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