Google Adsense Approval Monetization Youtube Process Bangla

Google Adsense Approval Monetization Youtube Process Bangla

Google Adsense Approval Monetization Youtube Process

Here are some common sense rules that will help you get rid of problems. in short in a word

Please take these rules seriously and take them to your heart. in short

Try searching for tips – Do not try your way around lawyers around the guidelines – just understand them and try to respect their attitude.। community guidelines in a word


Google Adsense Approval Process

After accepting the full condition you will have to come up and what is needed is the list below to list the Google adsense apple. in short

✅  01 Watch time Minutes : 240,000 (Total How many minutes have you seen the video)

  ✅ 02 Subscriber : 1,000 (You must be on your channel)

 ✅ 03 1 Year Old : (There will be one year old YouTube channel)

We would like to tell you to make some good videos. And reaching out to people, to people on different social networks (writing some good things) in a word It is a fully in a word

valid process. If you do not boost the network by spending money, then Google Adsense will be ineligible for monetization.

Create some good videos

Brothers really do not like writing a comment like youtube commenting and commenting youtube and by subscribing comments.

Corrected their video tasks are not good at all, and those who are good looking for them often and very well commented and want to know that they never say, brother, if you sub me, I will do it myself. in a word

I do not know whether it likes YouTube, but I did it a few days ago by the YouTube authorities. They confirmed it to us and it is not a problem with YouTube and no problem, those who

do not like the problem of the advertising system, I want to say that they have good content. I will always apologize if we are not bad at all

।  in a word

If there is any problem in understanding, please watch this video and you can comment through comments and if there is a mistake in YouTube, then please

let me know if you can share your video on this website. Subscribe and stay with us, please thank everyone। [video_lightbox_youtube video_id=AbrtDvWQ3vo width=640 height=480 anchor=Video Tutorial Help]


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