National University /Honours /Degree / Master Admission 2017-18

National University /Honours /Degree / Master Admission 2017-18

Below is a description of how we can submit applications to National University. in short

First you must do Google search university and national university website. Go to the place where you want to submit the application that you want to submit. in short

At first there is ( Honours /Degree / Master) Website Here

S S C , H S C .or Equivalent information ( Step 1) for Step -5

Online Admission ( Honours /Degree / Master ) apply now

✅  01 (SSC Roll ) have to give। to sum up

✅  02 (Next to HSC Roll) ।to sum up

✅  03 Board ( Your  Board Select ) to sum up

✅  04 Passing Year (Select 2000) to sum up

S S C , H S C .or Equivalent Result (Step 2) Step 5

05 Your information will appear, after seeing the results, click next। in a word

College And Course Selection (Step 3) Step 5

College Selection 

✅  06 Select Division ( Your Select ) so now

✅  07 Select District ( Your Select ) so now

✅  08 Select Desired College ( Your Select ) so now

✅  09 Subject  ( Your Select ) so now

Select QUOTA (Step 4) Step 5

Yes ( No) If not। in a word

Provide Photos & Phone Number (Step 5) Step 5

Yes ( No) If not in short

Application Form Preview ( Step 5 ) ( Step 5 )

Application Form Preview in Now Video Here

Please check the application form, 100% information, and submit all the correct submit buttons. in a word

Download the application form and pin it. in a word

And if there is any mistake in understanding, then I will definitely take a video to watch this video and tell us 100 percent will cooperate with you. to sum up

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