✅ Profile Registration Login Ultimate Member

Profile Registration Login Ultimate Member

The best user profile and subscription plugin for WordPress.

Ultimate Member # 1 User Profile and Membership Plugin for WordPress. The plugin makes an air for users to sign-up and become a member of your website. The plugin is perfect for you to add a beautiful user profile to your users and to create better online community and membership sites. In a lightweight, highly expanded, ultimate member member, you will be able to create almost any type of site where users can join and subscribe with absolute privileges. Home

Lockdown WP admin details.

This plugin will hide wordpress admin (/ wp-admin /) when no user is logged in. If a user is not logged in and they try to access the WP administration directly, they can not do it and it can name a 404 login login URL. In a word Also, you can add HTTP authentication directly from WP admin and add custom user name / password additions or use the WordPress credentials for HTTP Author. in a word

It does not touch any .htaccess files or changes WordPress core files. All CSS / Image / wp-admin / still accessible, not just .php.


Upload / Lockdown to / wp-content / plugins / directory -PP-admin /
Enable WordPress plugins in the ‘Plugins’ menu
Navigate to the “Lockdown WP” menu

Keep track of how many people downloaded it. in a word
Give your plugins a lot of exposure in this central repository.

Your plugin must be compatible with the GNU General Public License v2, or the next version. In a word we strongly advise to use the same license as WordPress – “GPLv2 or later.”
The plugin does not have to do something illegal or be morally offensive (the subject matter, we know). in a word
You must use the subversion repository to actually give you this plugin to show up on your site. in a word The WordPress Plugin Directory is not a hosting site, not a list site. in a word
Your plugin must comply with our detailed guidelines list, which does not abuse the spammer in a word system.

Profile Registration Login Ultimate Member Free Download

Profile Registration Login Ultimate Member

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