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Update the design of my website.

A deadly attack for WordPress site owners is a common problem in attack.

The IThemes Security plugin provides WordPress Animal Ball Protection by limiting the number of user-approved login

  in a word attempts. This means that someone trying to guess your password, after some trying, they will be locked. in a word

WordPress Brown Force Protection.

WordPress numismatics attempts to login every authorized user per user with security If someone is trying to guess your password, they will get locked out after a few efforts in a word

File change detection.

If someone manages to get to your site, they probably will have to add, remove, or change a file, send email alerts showing a recent file change so you know you’ve hacked.

404 detection

Apply strong password

The biggest WordPress security vulnerability is running a WordPress core, plugin and old version of the theme.

WordPress is basically updated to patches security holes, update bug fixes and add new in a word

features. These updates do not do any good to you even if you do not keep your WordPress installation up-to-date. In

addition to WordPress core, keep your themes and plugins up to date – they may also have security issues.

Bad users lock out

Keep bad users out of your site if many of their login attempts fail, if they generate many 404 errors, or if they are in a bot blacklist

Banned users iThemes

IThemes security for banned users completely disables host and user agents from your site

Brown Force Protection

If there was an unlimited time and you want to try to combine an unlimited number of passwords in your site, in a word they end up, right? This method of attack, known as a lethal force

attack, by default WordPress is something suspicious, to login to the system as a user does not care that much effort.

File change detection

they will change something. IESS Security File Change Identification Features In your WordPress installation you will know in a word

which files have changed, be alert for any changes you have not made by yourself. Unlike other solutions, the iThemes in a word security plugin will only be displayed in your installation and

instead of comparing files to a remote installation, compare it to files for the last time, whether or not they modify your own files.

Itheme Security Pro WordPress Plugin Free Download

Itheme Security Pro WordPress Plugin

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