3D Album Commercial Suite 3.29 Full Free Download

As well as a commercial license for creating CD / DVD productions, 3D Album-CS 3.0 features include 3D album logos and links, professional multimedia control tools, a complete in a word

Graphic photo editor, an advanced photo organizer and a creative photo printing and page design tool, which allows user DVDs and other video files and animations, and in a word

Able to create multimedia products. Less experienced creative users will discover 3D-Album-CS 3.0’s user-friendly interface,

Which will give them the opportunity to learn while using them. The program displays 110+ Hollywood styles that allow users to create animations, presentations,

Exhibitions, even photo quiz games can be made in true 3D, which can be enhanced with special effects, such as reflections, shadows and lighting, users can choose themes from the style Library. in a word

3D-Album-CS 3.0 is a multimedia-suite suite of software that wants to create their own multimedia production for Windows users in a word

Professional writers need a writer program that provides a commercial license that sells their work

As a photographic image of the program such as DVD, CD, Graphics.

3D-album-CS 3.0 comes with two interfaces, which includes a step-by-step guide and basic tools

Basic tasks are done and other high-end equipment is provided for improved work. in a word

For the busy professionals, the program features increased productivity in the bench. Graphic editing tools to repair errors

Includes a smart smooth brush, 90 special effects, 3 dimensional photocopition. Precision tools include clones, patches, mirrors, stamps and smudge.

As well as the above mentioned features, the 3D-Album-CS 3.0 application package includes many other users’ website and in a word

Supported by the extensive user guide available for download with internet forums. in a word

Operating system operating system windows – Windows NT / 98 / XP / 2000

3D Album Commercial Suite 3.29 Full Free Download

3D Album Commercial Suite 3.29

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