Fishing Frenzy - HTML5 Game Mobile Version+AdMob CodeCanyon (Construct-2 CAPX)

Fishing Frenzy – A very popular game about fishing! You are in the collection of fisheries and ocean-collecting bubbles and bombs, insects, treasures, watches and gifts to collect predators,in a word

fish, shaking sharks and sea horses. You have a lot to collect these games and everything is possible! Fish your way to the top and be the top player of this sea war! in a word

Management boats and a fishing rope: Arrows left, right, down, or alternatively, the keys A, S, D. Reset bombs: Spacebar.

Touch control works on all browsers and all mobile devices!

Formation 2. Enjoy the game!

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Fishing Frenzy – HTML5 Game Mobile Version+AdMob CodeCanyon (Construct-2)

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