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PenNews - News/ Magazine/ Business/ Portfolio/Reviews Landing AMP WordPress Theme

PenNews is a powerful wordpress theme from PenciDesign. This theme helps you create a new site in a short time by dragging and dropping it with great designs. In a word we bring you great support and friendly help. You can use this theme for each purpose – create things like your love. in a word

For high traffic sites, has been created for great performance

We spend a significant time tweaking each direction of the theme to load it faster and faster. This makes your site friendly for any search engine and keeps your site running smoothly with high traffic. in a word

This theme has already been cached for ongoing queries to ensure that the speed is the best. We optimize with each theme of the theme, all resources come with the optimized themes from us. This theme is compatible with all plugins for caching and build-in-smart Lazyload images. Everything makes the theme awesome for performance. in a word

Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles are supported and valid

If you want to focus your mobile on your site – yes, this is the best solution for you. Google AMP and Facebook support the instant article itself, this theme is powerful in mobile social media. This makes loading your site more 5x faster AMP and 10x loads of instant articles and friendly with Google and Facebook. in a word

Optimized for the best theme SEO
Schema Markup Verification Theme for Google fully supports all types of themes: articles, breadcrumbs, post reviews, post recipes, tags … and compatible with all SEO plugins. Everything will make your site friendly with Google and other search engines. Everything is automatically verified with Google and other search engines. in a word

PenNews - News/ Magazine/ Business/ Portfolio/Reviews Landing AMP WordPress Theme

Pennews WordPress Theme

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