3D Tower Defense Kit Unity Games Android Project Free Download

3D Tower Defense Kit is designed for all users of Unity, who ever wanted to create a tower defense game. The goal of this project is to deliver you a game-ready prototype including resources and an extensive documentation,

so you are able to integrate your own assets and adjustments easily, on your way to your own tower defense game – this project has all you need to do so. in a word

  • Mobile-ready: Because of a relatively positioned GUI, bypassing of garbage collection calls using the integrated Pool Manager, a smaller extra level and hardware saving particle effects, this Starter Kit is mobile-ready. For  in a word
  • the ease of use that has not brought many code-changes – but one extra mobile camera control script (joystick controls) for
  • the navigation through your scene as a bonus. in a word
  • C#: All scripts are written in C#. The complete source code is provided, well arranged and stuctured. What you’re going to see is a method- and object-oriented programming style with subclasses and only important public variables.
  • Documentation: Nearly every line per script is documented. Additional documentation shows up connections and relations between scripts, in a word as well as a Step by Step Guide on
  • how to use this Starter Kit to build your own game.
  • Example Scenes: Besides the actual game, several example scenes separate each manager script from others and will deepen your knowledge regarding the Step by Step Guide, so you can effectively follow along. in a word

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