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Ubisoft has committed the Far Cry: New Dawn system requirements to paper, and it’s no surprise that they’re almost identical to the hardware required to play last year’s Far Cry 5. There are a couple of small changes on the low-end side of the scale, though, which means that I can’t just say they’re the same and move on to something else. So, let’s have a look.

Far Cry: New Dawn is the who-killed-the-world sequel that follows nearly two decades after the surprise (and good, dammit) ending of Far Cry 5. Despite being a direct sequel, much has changed thanks Far Cry New Dawn Gmes Free Download

to (spoiler alert) the application of nuclear firepower on a planetary scale. You’re still in Montana, though, and some familiar faces will return to join you in the fight against Mickey and Lou, the twin Humunguses of the new world. Not Boomer, though. He’s dead. Far Cry New Dawn Gmes Free Download

“We are very proud of what our team achieved with the PC version of Far Cry: New Dawn and cannot wait for PC players to discover the post-apocalyptic scenario we’ve created,” Ubisoft Montreal Far Cry New Dawn Gmes Free Download in a word

tech director Raphael Parent said. “The bold art direction we have taken for this game is all about a colorful, hopeful, and inviting world, which we know will benefit a great deal from the power of current PC hardware.” in a word 

Far Cry New Dawn Gmes Free Download


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