MyClassCampus Vs FlipScool: Which is Really Better?

MyClassCampus an Indian company, initially started by three young engineers. Their main thought behind creating the company was about going digital and providing educational institutes with the maximum digital platform. On today’s date, it is serving across India and 20+ countries worldwide. The team is working hard and is on a mission to provide its digital expertise to thousands of schools, colleges and educational institutions. The MyClassCampus app provides its users with an all-rounder and easy-to-use experience. It provides a solution to day-to-day communication, learning and management issues in an organised and effective manner.


Flipscool an Indian software company found in 2017. Their school management software aims to help the educational institutes in managing their every day activities by providing them with an advanced digital platform. It also provides a tracking system to the parents so that they can track the progress of their child.

Which One to Go for?

Choosing a school management application often becomes difficult, because you cannot afford to compromise on the performance, and hence the future of your students. Both MyClassCampus and FlipScool have come up with various digital solutions. Here is a guide for you to choose wisely after looking at the comparisons nicely.


Platform – iOS, Windows, Linux and Android

Suitable for – Educational agencies, schools and colleges

Compatible Device – Desktop, Mobile

Deployment Type – Web-Based

Business Specific – School, Colleges, Coaching

Language – English


  • Basic Course comes at Rs. 80 per student, per year.
  • Advanced Course is priced at Rs. 120 per student, per year.
  • Premium Course costs Rs. 150 per student, per year.

Features of MyClassCampus

  • Admission Management – In 2019 they have launched a smart paperless admission management procedure that has changed the entire system of handling the admission processes seamlessly.
  • Inventory Management This ERP software oversees all the inventory material that is there in the school. One can even make exhaustive lists for managing different kinds of inventories.
  • Fee Management – Fee records of payments and dues with invoice and transaction history are maintained for every batch. The online fee payment feature of MyClassCampus comes with an advanced gateway, which makes it quite efficient.
  • Institute Management – Manages all the student’s records and batches in the most effective way with sorting and editing data from time to time as and when needed. MyClassCampus assigns and manages access rights to different users as per their roles to get effective usage of the system.
  • Classroom Management – MyClassCampus provides the teachers with a module for better supervision of the class and improvised class engagement.
  • Letters and Certificate Generator – It has a wide variety of letters and certificates with dynamic student details and generates them in just one click.

  • Exam Management – School managers can schedule exams and notify regarding their dates to the students and their parents. The same process is applied in case of the results as well.
  • Grievance Management – It has created a module which keeps a track of the records of the online grievance redressal system for colleges and other educational institutes. It includes all type of grievances, malpractices and complaints from the students, the faculty members and other stakeholders.
  • Enquiry Management – This feature gives a comprehensive and effective solution to the various enquiries made by students and their parents.
  • HR Management – MyClassCampus provides users with an end-to-end HR Management system by keeping a record of the staff leaves, maintaining an academic calendar, daily attendance, and salary slip.
  • Library Management – The software keeps a record of the library transactions and tracks all the details of the books borrowed by students or teachers as well as the available ones.
  • Transport Management – MyClassCampus has a live bus tracking feature that provides parents with notifications regarding the real-time location of their wards.

Flip Scool

Platform – Windows, Linux, macOS, Web App

Suitable For – Educational agencies, schools and colleges

Compatible Device – Desktop

Deployment Type – Web-Based

Business Specific – Schools and Colleges

Language – English

Pricing – Rs. 120 per year, per student

Features of Flip Scool

  • Admission Management – Users can manage their admission procedures efficiently with Flip Scool.
  • Inventory Management – The software provides the administrator of the educational institution with the sole right to create heads for managing each inventory.
  • Fee Management – Flip Scool is known for handling online fees with great accuracy and efficiency, thus managing the fees of the students in a methodical and systematic manner.
  • Institute Management – The application manages the inventory of the school or college, its fees structure, and even generates results and shares them with the parents.
  • Classroom Management – Flip Scool manages the classwork and homework of the students and tracks their progress.
  • Exam Management – At the end of each examination, a report card is generated which is accessible for the parents, allowing them to know the strength of their children in each subject or field of studies.
  • HR Management – The software effectively manages the HR operations of the organisation. It helps the business to gain a competitive advantage by building strong teams.
  • Library Management – Flip Scool keeps a record of the books and other articles in the library of the institution.

  • Transport Management – This feature provides the parents with the actual location of the students.

Here is a comparison in tabular form which will help in understanding the differences between MyClassCampus and Flip Scool.

Admission ManagementYesYes
Inventory ManagementYesYes
Fee ManagementYesYes
Institute ManagementYesYes
Classroom ManagementYesYes
Letters and Certificate GeneratorYesNo
Exam ManagementYesYes
Grievance ManagementYesNo
Enquiry ManagementYesNo
HR ManagementYesYes
Library ManagementYesYes
Transport ManagementYesYes


Both the software aims in providing an ultimate digitalised solution to various educational institutions. Both of them creates connectivity between the guardians, teachers and students.

Coming to the main aspect of which is the better one, MyClassCampus has certain key features such as Letters and Certificate Generator, Grievance Management and Enquiry Management, which add up to its plus points. But both the apps are equally important and effective in providing real-time status of the students academically and also by showing live locations while they are travelling by school bus through their advanced GPS tracking systems.

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