Tree Plantation Paragraph for all classes

Tree Plantation

Introduction: Give back the forest, take your town, says Rabindranath Tagore. By these lines the poet tries to convince us about the importance of trees. Tree plantation means planting trees more and more. It is not possible to lead an l happy and peaceful life without trees.

Tree Plantation Paragraph
Tree Plantation Paragraph Tree Plantation

Forest resources of Bangladesh: Lands in the upper valley of a river are more suitable for the growth and development of forest. But Bangladesh is a lower riverine country. For this reason, we have no rich forest resources. Our forest resources constitute with the forest of Bhawal, Madhupur, Chittagong Hill Tracfs and the famous Sundarbans.

Inconsiderate actions: Some people inconsiderately cut down trees everywhere. They do not think that the destruction of forests can destroy the environmental system. Because of deforestation, Bangladesh is now at the risk of turning into a desert. Besides, we may also face the problems of flood, soil erosion, drought etc. It is a great threat to our environment.


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Scope and time for afforestation: There is ample scope for afforestation, İn Bangladesh. Sea beaches, low lying areas and fallow lands can be brought under the scheme of afforestation with special types of trees suited to the soil. June-July is the best time for planting trees.

Advantages / Merits: Trees play an important role in our daily life. In order to live we need oxygen. Tree give us that oxygen. They give us food and fruits. They also provide us shelter. We get timber from trees and without timber we cannot make our houses, furniture, boats, launches, ships etc. If trees are planted on the banks of rivers and sea-shores, soil erosion can be prevented. They also prevent air pollution. Trees protect the country from the harmful greenhouse effect.

Measures / Steps to be taken: To preserve our environment we should plant more and more trees. Tree plantation programme should be expanded to the remote corner of the country. The officers connected with this programme should take proper steps and needful measures to make it a success. Government should take necessary steps to make the people interested in planting trees.

Conclusion: Trees are important for our life. The necessity of trees and the importance of tree plantation cannot be ignored in any way. So it is our bounden duty to plant trees more and take care of them.




  Tree Plantation Paragraph for all classes  



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