A Journey by Train Essay | Paragraph for all class


A Journey by Train Essay | Paragraph for all class
A Journey by Train Essay | Paragraph for all class

Introduction: There are many quick means by which one can travel from one place to another. Among them a journey by train is cheap but enjoyable. I had a great attraction for train journey. Once I got an opportunity to make a long journey by train. It was from Dhaka to Chittagong.

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Description: During the last winter vacation one of my friends requested me to attend his sisters marriage ceremony at Chittagong. So I got a chance to make a journey by train. I accepted this invitation gladly. Two other friends joined us. On the fixed day we reached Kamalapur station at 7 a.m. The station was very crowded. Somehow we managed to buy our tickets. With great difficulty we got into the compartment. After a few minutes the guard blew the whistle and the train began to run.

Scenery enjoyed: I kept looking outside through the window. The train was passing through the green fields. Dew drops on green grasses were glittering like pearls. Trees and houses seemed to run behind. It was exciting for me to see the sights of rural Bangladesh. Small children were standing by the rail-roads, the carts were moving through the village roads, the farmers were working in the field, the village women were carrying pitchers, the cattle were grazing in the field etc. These sights reminded me a poem on train.

I could not but recite some of its lines: Faster than fairies, faster than witches, Bridges, houses, hedges and ditches; and here is a mill, and there is a river, each a glimpse and gone forever. While I was enjoying all these beautiful sights and sounds, I found my friends dozing. When I looked inside the compartment I also saw some other people dozing. Some were reading newspapers. The train touched a few big stations. We bought boiled eggs, bananas, magazines etc. from the hawkers. When the train started from Feni station, the beautiful sights of some Indian hills came to my view. All these filled my mind with pleasure. At last the train reached Chittagong at 5 p.m. and we got down safely with our luggage.

Conclusion: It was a very nice train journey. I enjoyed the journey from the beginning to the end. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that the memory of the journey will remain ever fresh in my mind.

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