Population Problem in Bangladesh Paragraph & Composition

 Population Problem in Bangladesh 

Population Problem in Bangladesh Paragraph & Composition
Population Problem in Bangladesh Paragraph & Composition

Introduction: The population of a country is a blessing to her. But it becomes a curse. When it grows very quickly and the people are not productive. Bangladesh is a small country. Her population is too much for her area. At present the population of our country is increasing rapidly. So population problem of our country is the burning question of the day.

Dangers of over population: Over population is a great threat for our country. If our population grows at a high rate, our country will have to face a great problem. This will affect the economic development and progress of the country. The country would not be able to provide food, clothes, housing, educational facilities, medical facilities and other basic necessities of life to the excess of population.

Causes of over population: There are many causes of over population in our country.

Some of these are: (i) Ignorance: Most of the people of our country are not aware of family planning. They do not know about the problem of over population. So they do not take the measures to control birth through family planning.

(ii) Superstitions: Religious superstitions obstruct our people in family planning or birth control. They believe that God will feed their children.

(iii) Early marriage: Most of the boys and girls in the village area get married before they become matured. This early marriage is a special cause of high rate of population growth. (iv) Lack of female education: Women constitute half of the population of our country. But more than half of them are not educated. Uneducated women are not aware of the negative effects of over population.

Solution: To check the growth of overpopulation the following measures should be taken: Firstly, the high birth rate of population has to be checked through the family planning. Secondly, we have to make campaign to educate mass people. It will help them to understand the value of family planning and the problem of over population. Thirdly, early marriage has to be strictly prohibited by government law. People have to be aware about this. Various awareness-raising programs should be taken to make the people eager to stop the high growth rate of population. Conclusion: Population problem is, indeed, a great problem of our country. So, we all should play a role to check the growth of population to save the country.




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