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How to Make the Background of a PNG Transparent

Need to get rid of a distracting background on an otherwise picture-perfect photo? There are a number of easy ways to remove the background from an image and make it transparent, which can be useful in many situations.

Most standard photo editors will have a background removal option, and there are even some online tools dedicated just to that task. But which are the best ones? And how can you use them in the most effective way?

Whether you’re creating digital art or making a visual presentation, it’s worth knowing how to make a PNG transparent

We’ve all been there. You have an upcoming presentation, so you chose a sleek background and a professional-looking font.

To add more flavor and detail, you decided to add images, maybe some icons, graphs, or your business’s logo. All seemed perfect—except for the annoying white background on some of the pictures.

This article will discuss the various tools you can use to make a transparent PNG.

What Is a PNG file?

A portable graphics format, or PNG file, is a popular format used on the internet for many reasons. It uses a 24-bit RGB color palette that supports millions of colors and utilizes lossless compression. This allows you to reduce an image’s file size without losing its quality.

These features make PNG an ideal file type to use for logos, icons, and digital art. Most importantly, PNG is a crowd favorite because it supports transparent backgrounds.

Colors (including white) fill all the pixels in a regular image. But in a PNG file, you can make it so that there are no colors in the background pixels. This allows the color behind your image to show through. Below is an example.


Most of the tools we listed until now are well-rounded image and photo editors that come with multiple features. This is not the case with

The tool, which is now owned by Canva, uses an AI to do just one thing—cut the background out and generate an amazing outcome. All you have to do is upload a picture to the website and then save the transparent creation. It works well with any background, no matter how complex.




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